How did The Traveling Contractor come to be?

In 2007, the owner of The Traveling Contractor, LLC acquired a piece of property that had two mobile homes on it with a shared gas and water line. To separate them for monthly rental property would cost a great deal of money as she would have to run separate lines a good distance.  A little while earlier, a relative had bought a "mom and pop" type motel and was providing weekly rentals to people who seemed to be down on their luck.  The motel did not have a good reputation. The relative knew she had to clean it up and turn it around.  She did this with a set of rules given to each tenant, asking people to leave who broke the rules, and changing it from a motel to "rent by the week" efficiency apartments.  It became so quiet, restful, and clean that she gained a reputation of being the place where contractors should go if they were tired of hard partiers in the motel room next door and solicitors knocking on their doors disturbing their much needed sleep.

The Traveling Contractor owner decided to also provide weekly rentals to contractors with her property.  After years of renting to them, she was convinced she had made the right decision in providing short-term rentals to traveling contractors and still does. These hard workers leave early in the morning and come home late in the evening. They do not have time to tear up property like other types of renters in her experience. The traveling contractor often goes home to visit family on the weekends.They appreciate a temporary place to stay while away from home that is fully furnished, affordable, clean, and with at least a micro/frig, if not a kitchenette or full kitchen. Some rent by the month, but usually can't sign a lease because they never know when they will be sent to another location to work. A rental unit does not have to be an upscale place to stay, but it does need to be clean and comfortable. Per night rates can get expensive, and a weekly rate is more affordable and preferred for some even if staying in a motel...while others staying longer may prefer monthly rent and be willing to pay their on utilities. 

Through this site, owners deal directly with the renters rather than receiving a reservation made online through a third party. The contractor customer gets to view the property before renting. The owner of The Traveling Contractor, LLC rents her properties for between $200 and $400 per week for a one bedroom (one person) and two bedroom (two people) respectively. Contractors usually share the 2 bedroom and split the rent. That is equal to $28.57 per night per person making both the landlord and renters happy. Cheaper than a motel room by the night!  Other areas may charge more or less, depending on the market in that area.

There have been times when the owner of The Traveling Contractor, LLC did not know how to find the contractors and the contractors did not know how to find her. The idea for this website was born, because the owner felt there must be others, including RV Park owners who had the same need.  There was a desire to help others provide rentals like struggling "mom and pop" motels that might want to convert to efficiency apartments like her relative did to serve this population.

This site can save the traveling contractor time and money by having everything in one location they can access for free. The United States is a big country to cover and we need the help of our traveling contractor friends.  After establishing ourselves with housing, we have plans to expand. Contract workers contact us to let us know what you would like to see on this site so it becomes your one stop landing to find everything you need. As you travel, tell the temporary housing places and RV parks you find (if you like them) about us so they can list on this site. Tell your employer about the site. Tell your fellow contractors about the website so they will know where to go look. What do you need that we may not know? Contact us. We are waiting to hear from you. Start your search by clicking on your state of interest. Like Us on Facebook. Google +1 us on our website.

Safe travels!

The Traveling Contractor

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